Two Orchards

I have a huge collection of orchard photos. Many of which were taken before film scans and some are still unprinted, sitting in a box waiting for me to rediscover them. I just love the idea that I made something in an moment and yet it is still secret from me. One of the most magic things about film, is the anticipation of course, but I also love that you can pile up a stack of rolls and develop them all at once, sometimes forgetting what you took photos of. There is NOTHING more exciting than re-discovery. This is what happened after an orchard belly session I did last month. I also turned some loose personal rolls in, and I had no idea what was on any of them. (when you carry a camera everywhere...forgetfulness can happen pretty quickly) One roll was from a trip out to my friend Megan's farm. Two orchards, side by side about a month apart. It reminds me that spring is just around the corner.


Wedding in the Woods

Over the past ten years, I've photographed many weddings all across California and back in 2003 and 2004 I used to do these little mini collages for my brides to send out with their thank you notes. Now that inspiration boards are everywhere, I'd like to do a few myself as a revisit to my old collage days. I think maybe one a week with a theme will be fun. This set of images was pulled together from some of my favorite woodsy weddings and for those of you looking to have photos amongst the trees, you can even find pine groves in the city! Images taken at The Mendocino Woodlands Camp, The Outdoor Art Club, Stern Grove, Nevada County, The Lair of the Bear in Pinecrest, and even on the grounds of the Sacramento State Capital.