Is a photo a photo if it's not printed?

A question that Scott Sheppard always asks on Inside Analog Radio. I don't think you have a 'photograph' until you have something there in your hand to hold. That's one reason I like my couples to order the basic package which includes a set of prints. Looking through your images is such a different experience when they are in tangible form. A print. A book.

Here you'll see a basic set of 4x6 prints from a wedding...all fit nicely into one little box (by Cypress). The great thing about having a set of prints from your wedding is that you can really do anything you'd like with these images: frame them, make mini albums, give them as gifts, tack them to the fridge, hang them from ribbons, or simply leave them as a set in the box to discover and rediscover over the years. Yes, your album will contain all the highlights of the day but at times, it's the hidden...not so apparent at first images that we may favor as the years go by. Images of everyone from the wedding, all your friends...crazy on the dance floor...those images may not make it into the album, but if you print them out they won't be forgotten or lost on your hard drive.