15 minutes

Here are a couple shots from the recent mini shoot I did in Nevada City. 3 photographers and we each spent about 15-20 per session. It was a test in quick thinking and making a fast connection too. I think my favorite images are the more thoughtful or sombre ones, as you can see from my selection here. We shot in a grove-like setting with dappled and directional light. Super pretty. It's going to be fun to see each photographer's take on the same subjects. I want to do another one again soon.


Scott said...

Ingrid, these are lovely. The tone of the black and whites is really nice and the color images speak to me as well. You seem to work really well with kids. You can see the trust and comfort in their eyes. Beautiful set.

Ingrid Nelson said...

thanks sugar!

TheBlackForrist said...

some very lovely shots in there... as always. I love the expressions you've captured!